• WHAT: Is designed to give the students a thorough understanding of the concept,stakeholders in, and international practices of, media governance. The course will entail four sections: Unit I – Core Theories and Concepts; Unit II – Mapping and Defining Stakeholders; Unit III – Mapping and Defining Issues; Unit IV – Strategies and Tactics for Impact.
  • WHY: Challenges such as privacy, intellectual property rights, cross-media ownership, and freedom of expression no longer pertain to individual governments, but re-define business practices, challenge marketing and PR efforts, transform the nature of journalism, and impact every day lives of citizens all around the world. In our increasingly mediated societies, media governance challenges are constantly being debated amongst and between media industries, networks and service provides, journalists, policy makers, and the civil society. Hence, understanding media governance is essential to media professionals; especially to those who seek to work in international contexts.
  • HOW: This blog is our “home platform”. We will also use some other open access platforms for several assignments.
    • A weekly briefing will be posted here every Friday afternoon.
    • Your weekly assignment will always be due the Friday thereafter, at 11:59pm.
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Please find the detailed syllabus here.