Week 7 [changed]: Google Hangout lecture

Dear MG Colleagues!

I realize you have spend plenty of time on your exam. This is a week without a written assignment (and I would like to discuss with you in real time 🙂 ).

This week I want to invite you to a Google Hangout for a short lecture and discussion. We will also reflect on the exam. The sessions will be 45-60 minutes long.

I offer you 4 different slots and hope one will work with your schedule.

Please indicate via this link which time you will be joining the Google Hangout session. (You only need to attend one session.)

I will send you a link to the Hangout to your St.John’s email address 5 minutes before the start. Please check your email to join.

Your participation will count as an assignment.

Lecture Theme:

Researchers, Power and Media Governance

Here is the lecture outline and the related reading:

1.What to Study?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.50.06 AM

  • A Long Journey: Democratization, Reform, Justice.
  • Not (only) change via media but changing the media.
  • Advocacy and Activism.
  • Know the Media, Be the Media, Change the Media.

2. What to Study? Issues and Actors


3.Why to Study? Understand Changes

  • John Fiske: Look at the margins, for the margins are the future.
  • Phil Napoli / The World Bank: The Age of Communication Research.

4. Why to Study? Engaged Scholarship

  • Des Freedman: Put A Ring On It! Why We Need More Commitment In Media Scholarship
  • Stefania MilanEngaged research represents one of the possible translations into practice of … ‘situated epistemology’, one that takes into account the contextual elements of knowledge production, as opposed to simply considering merely its outcomes, and, most importantly, embeds the investigation in a relationship, as opposed to standing above or outside the research object.

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