Week 1: Welcome & Practicalities!

Warm welcome to our exploration of governance, that is, analysis of power and control of media content, infrastructure, use, access, and creation.

  • Please see this short 1-min. video as an introduction to the course:


  • All your readings are shared via this Google Drive, and/or as links in the syllabus. The readings listed for a session will relate to the briefing-assignment posted that day.
  • Most weeks you have until the following Friday, midnight, to complete the weekly assignments. (For the exceptions, please consult the syllabus.)
  • We “meet” here every Friday, meaning, your weekly briefing will be posted then. I will set up a Google Hangout for us to convene once via video to discuss your final assignment together (you can choose from 2 sessions).
  • Please note that often you will be asked to post comments to blog entries published here (like this week).  Would you like to remain anonymous, you can use a screen name. I am the admin of the blog and will know who you are based on your email address (use your SJU university account):


  • For a comment to appear the comment author must have a previously approved comment. In other words, I need to approve your first comment. Thereafter, your comments will post immediately.
  • Many issues discussed in this course are moving targets — governance challenges that are being debated everywhere. That is why this course is about discussion and different standpoints. That said, please respect our netiquette of giving each other space as well as credit, and conducting a civilized, graceful, informed, and intelligent debates. This is a co-learning opportunity for all of us.
  • If you have any questions about the course, assignments, topics , readings, your participation — do not hesitate to get in touch!


  • Please review the syllabus, readings, and assignments-grading and ask any related questions below as a comment.
    • Do ask at least one question.
    • The purpose is clarify the basics from the start  as well as to “sign in” to the blog. The latter means that after you initially comment once and get approved as a user, you can then post at any point and your comment will appear immediately.
    • This time around, please be patient if it takes me a day to approve you… I might not be online when you are (and I will be traveling over the weekend, as well as Wednesday). I will take every opportunity to check on the comments and approve them.
  • Please complete the pre-course questionnaire.
  • Due by Fri 1/27, 11:59pm.

26 thoughts on “Week 1: Welcome & Practicalities!

  1. Media Governance might be useful right now more than ever with all controversy happening right now. With that being said I know I will be paying close attention to all sides of the media covering the social issues happening right now.

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      1. From my perspective at this point, the why is that the media had a false sense of entitlement. On that note, I think the the media is responsible for causing such a division. Though my views are pretty clear, I am willing to be open to other options.

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  2. Hi professor, nice to meet you here. Actually, i have a question about the weekly assignments. As you mentioned in the syllabus, 11 weekly assignments is the requirement of grade A. However, you also mentioned that one miss assignment is acceptable. Do you mean that the requirement of grade A is 10 weekly assignments? Or the weekly assignments will not be included in this exceptional situation?

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  3. Hi Professor, nice to meet you! Would you be available for personal Skype sessions for any questions regarding the course or our grades throughout the semester?


    1. Hi! I am on my way to NYC and hence offline for another 24 hours but available during the day on Thursday, and if you are on campus you can also come and see me during my office hours! Just send me a note so I will reserve you a slot for a F2F or a virtual meeting. My Skype handle: minski.aslama


  4. Hi Professor,
    We met last night and I was wondering if I had future questions or concerns about this class is it okay to meet with you after our ICM:810 class or are you strict about meeting during office hours? Beyond that, I have no further questions and am looking forward to an insightful semester 🙂


  5. An additional comment is that the times that we post comments are incorrect. How do we go about fixing that ? My last comment was posted around 3 in the afternoon, but it comes up as 8 in the evening.


  6. Hi professor,this is Sunny,nice to see u agagin.Now I am still in China,so it is very difficult for me to log in your website,sorry for my late.In my opinion,the media had a false sense of entitlement depends on Whether the public has the right to supervise public opinion or not.

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  7. Good Evening Prof,

    I have several questions regarding the assignments (11 per week) that are do to obtain an “A” in the course? Also i would like to set up a time for us to meet, either virtually or curly your office hours, for us to go over the syllabus.

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    1. Hello! As you can see from my last email and from Week 2 post, I’m hosting a Google Hangout on Wednesday at 5pm on the assignments and grading. It would be good if you can participate, or list the questions you have here, so we can cover them for everyone’s benefit, efficiently. Or, come by Thu 2/2! The first available tim I have is 5:15 — would that work?


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